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We can lighten your cares and guide you through complex legislation and regulations. We specialise in various fields of law which are associated with immigration. Below you will find more information about our specific expertise.

If someone from outside the European Union wishes to work in the Netherlands, they may do so as a skilled migrant using a blue card or a combined residence and work permit (CRWP). Not all foreigners are required to apply for such a permit. Think of students and seasonal workers. Nevertheless, they will need to apply to the UWV [Employee Insurance Agency] for a work permit. We can provide you with advice on the appropriate application and your duties in relation to such permits.

A Dutch citizen or anyone holding a Dutch residence permit for non-temporary residence (with the exception of studies) may bring their foreign partner to the Netherlands, provided that the relevant conditions are met.
Family reunification is also permitted in the case of minors and young adults whose parent has shared a family life with them and who works in the Netherlands. Naturally, the other conditions must also be met, such as, obtaining a temporary residence permit and complying with civic integration requirements. You may approach any of our specialists for all of your questions concerning family reunification.

Any business people who wish to come to the Netherlands to establish a business may apply for a residence permit based on a points system. Another option is to apply for a residence permit as a “start-up”. Such a residence permit makes it possible for aspirant business owners to establish an innovative business in the Netherlands within a year. This is subject to the condition that a reliable assistant in the Netherlands assists them in this respect. An investor may apply for a Dutch residence permit, if they invest in the Dutch economy. Would you like to receive advice about doing business in the Netherlands? Alternatively, would you like to draw up a specific, phased plan? If so, please contact us. We look forward to discussing the options with you.

If you hold a residence permit but would like to become a Dutch citizen, it is possible to do so through naturalisation or to apply to the relevant municipal council for an option. The IND [Immigration and Naturalisation Service] will assess the application. Different conditions apply in the case of naturalisation and an option. For instance, you will immediately be required to pay an administrative fee when you submit an application. This is a fee payable for a municipal Council to deal with your application. The amount involved may be quite large. If you have any doubts as to whether you satisfy all of the relevant conditions or not, or if your application for Dutch citizenship is denied, you may contact us to obtain advice. You may also approach us for assistance in the case of any objection or appeal proceedings.

If you are a citizen of a European member state, you are at liberty to work within the European Union, although specific European rules apply in such a case. In particular, such rules play a role if you lose your job. We look forward to providing you with advice about your rights or instituting legal proceedings if there is a danger of you losing your residence permit.

If you live in the Netherlands for no less than five years and hold a valid residence permit for a specific period of time, we can examine whether it is possible for you to exchange your residence permit for one which is valid indefinitely. Your rights will be more strongly anchored if you have a permit that is valid indefinitely.

If you are no longer permitted to reside in the Netherlands but are unable to leave the country for medical reasons, it is possible to apply for a residence permit on medical grounds. A number of conditions apply and they must be properly substantiated. We look forward to helping you in this respect.

As a student it is even more important to keep a close eye on the implications which any change in your situation may have for your residence permit. For example, do you still satisfy the relevant study progress requirements? Alternatively, are you affected by the Modern Migration Policy Act [Wet Momi]. An educational institution may make a decision which has implications for your residence permit. It is therefore important to take timely action if you are notified of a decision by the relevant educational institution.

The regulations which apply in the case of migration and obtaining a normal residence permit in the Netherlands are complex and are constantly amended. A consultation may help you to adopt the appropriate course of action. An initial introduction is free. If we conduct specific legal research for you, we will agree on a precise, friendly fee with you in that respect beforehand.

Brexit is stoking feelings and is producing confusion and disquiet for many people. We can help you clarify what Brexit means in your situation and can provide you with advice about the possibility of obtaining a normal residence permit in the Netherlands or the Dutch nationality. Where necessary, we can help you with application procedures or we can institute legal proceedings for you.

We can help your educational institute or company with all aspects of applying for a residence permit for your students, academic researchers or skilled migrants. Consequently, we are able to simplify the duties which you have towards the IND in your capacity as a sponsor for a friendly fee, thereby enabling you to focus on your core business. Asking us about the options is free of obligation.

• Specific rules apply in the case of Turkish subjects.

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