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Based in the beautiful, historic city of Delft, we seek the connection between the international and legal aspects of The Hague. In Delft we focus on both the city’s international community, such as the students and researchers of the Delft University of Technology, and internationally oriented businesses. We devote special attention to The Hague because of its numerous expatriates, international organisations and businesses, the international court of justice and the embassies.

We can lighten your cares and guide you through complex legislation and regulations. We specialise in various fields of law which are associated with immigration. You may find more information about our specific expertise on this page.

We often see lawyers charging high fees, but with us you will not pay too much. We provide specialized legal assistance at a fair price. We do not only provide services to individuals but we can also be of great help to business sponsors. Do you employ expatriates but would you prefer not to be occupied with business or other visas? Or are you dealing with international students? Our job is to lighten your tasks. Legal proceedings are in capable hands with us.

Immigration Lawyers Delft is a project of Vuurens & Lagerweij Advocaten en Mediators.


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Willem van der Voet

Willem van der Voet specialises in immigration and refugee law, and in achieving calm. He will gladly help you find your way through complex European and other regulations and, where necessary will fight for your rights up to the most superior administrative legal tribunal in the Netherlands.

Hans van Zundert

Hans van Zundert focuses entirely on the law pertaining to residence and asylum. He devotes attention to the Iranian community in the Netherlands, in particular. In doing this, he is assisted by his secretary, Sahaar, who can speak to clients in Farsi.

Daan Hu

Daan Hu specialises in resolving legal problems between the public authorities and companies. The special combination of his experience in the public sector and personal service to his Chinese clients ensures that he is able to act as an important adviser and counsel for Chinese and other business people in relation to immigration law. Daan Hu speaks Chinese Mandarin and also some other Chinese dialects.

Bahar Manawi

Bahar Manawi helps private individuals and business owners to weigh up their options for the appropriate residence permit in the Netherlands. She can provide you with precise guidance during the process, arrange your application and prepare you for the obligations associated with your permit. Bahar speaks Dari and Farsi.

Patricia Scholtes

Patricia Scholtes has many years of experience in immigration and refugee law. As a specialist in migration law, she advises and litigates in all aspects of this jurisdiction: from business migration and regular immigration law to asylum applications.
Patricia is the chairman of the Netherlands Bar Association Advisory Committee on Immigration Law.

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